News - 21 Feb 2023

The technological evolution of ISVE vacuum dryers continues. After the differentiated temperature control on each individual plate for electric machines (ISVE POWER CONTROL), our company has developed internally with its own resources and technology, the new entirely wireless sensor technology.

The entire range of ISVE dryers will abandon wired sensors and use this technology to control the humidity and temperature of the wood being dried.

The advantages of this choice include:

  • Easier preparation of the wood pile, which can also be done away from the machine;
  • Number of probes that can be easily implemented by the customer without any particular limitations;
  • Thanks to the specific design of the sensor, moisture control can take place at different points in the pile, either in the centre or on the periphery;
  • Very high reading reliability.

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Technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence are the keys to ISVE's significant growth on international markets. Our commitment and that of the whole team of our collaborators has always been offering reliable and customized solutions to the market. Technologies characterized by being able to combine very high efficiency levels with a concrete environmental sensitivity.

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