Kinross Gold Corporation has chosen ISVE shredders thanks to Berca Brand

Tasiast is located 300 km north of Nouakchott (Mauritania), where ISVE is also there for work right now. In September 2019, a model MR40-140IT shredder was installed to grind different materials such as pallets, wood, plastic, PET, furniture, etc.

The Tasiast gold mine, located in the open air in Mauritania, is managed and owned by Kinross Gold. The mine is located 300 km north of the capital Nouakchott, in a valley called Khatt Atui, and began production in 2008. Kinross Goldmine is a really large area and in the base camp there are two areas for the kitchen: one is the Senior Mess and the other Junior Mess. Bighanna T240 is working on both of our units.

The challenge is now to ensure the availability of the wood chips in the correct shape to be able to use them in the composting process, thus adding the right amount of carbon. The machine is located on the established site and has already been set up in the recycling area of ​​Kinross Goldmine. Initially, the shredded material will be chipped from the pallets, but later on various plastics and PET bottles will also be shredded. There is also an included belt system, useful for transporting wooden materials separated from metal parts such as nails, screws and more. For Kinross it is an optimal solution since, in this way, hundreds of pallets can be recycled using the material exiting in the composting process. In a second phase other different materials will be treated with this unit.

Our most sincere thanks to the Kinross team, who made it possible to carry out the assembly, test execution, start-up, training and explanations after the sale in just three days. Goldmine is in fact a very hot place where temperatures over 45 ° are considered common.

For more information on ISVE – Bighanna in Mauritania please contact us. You will find other additional information on our web pages – and

PDF: ISVE shredder installed at Kinross



The MR40120, MR40140 and MR48200 models are now also available in a different version with increased hydrualic pusher driving. Therefore, It goes from standard 850 mm to 1,300 mm.

This allows to shred bulky materials more easily, like wooden pallets, plastic bins of 1.000 liters, ecc.The high efficiency of the hydraulic unit made with BOSCH – REXROTH components and the thrust pressure exerted by the double hydraulic cylinders guarantee maximum productivity.



Single-shaft shredder mod. MR40120 for shredding industrial cigarette wastes

Single-shaft shredder mod. MR40120 for shredding industrial cigarette wastes. The plant has just been installed and tested with great customer satisfaction.

The machine is able to process entire pallet of material ensuring the total destruction of the contents even using screens of small diameter with no troubles.



NEWS 2017 – New 4 shaft 90s shredder series with side grille extraction

With the start of 2017, ISVE proposes an extension of its 4-shaft shredder range. The 90S series is one of the lightest shredders in the 80S series and the ones for the most heavy-duty 100S.

Among the main innovations of the product, there is the possibility of extracting the grid laterally, even in an automated manner. In this case the machine is able to change the coarse size output (use without grid) to more or less fine depending on the screen selected.

There are 3 models available with a 800X900 mm cutting chamber, 1,000X900 mm and finally 1,200X900 mm. Among the options, in addition to the traditional loading and unloading systems, there is a hydraulic pusher to help grip particularly light or bulky materials.



INDUSTRY 4.0 – We are here!

Thanks to the architecture of our ISVE SERVER CONNECT control system, in many cases it is possible to fulfill the requirements of Industry 4.0 that provide the possibility of self-certifying the plant to take advantage of the 250% HYPERTORT.

The products that can be included in the facilitated category are machine tools to recover materials and functions from industrial waste and end-of-life products (for example machines for disassembly, separation, crushing, chemical recovery).

The requirements are as follows:

Control by CNC and / or PLC; Interconnection to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and / or part programs; Automated integration with the logistics system of the factory or with the supply network and / or other machines in the production cycle; Simple and intuitive interface between man and machine; Compliance with the highest standards of safety and hygiene at work; Telecommunication and / or radiodiagnosis and / or remote control systems; Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of appropriate sets of sensors and adaptability to process drifts.


MR48200 for plastic film waste

The MR48200 single-shaft milling machine installed for an Indian multinational company, a leader in the production of plastic film, has been in operation for over a year now.

The machine is equipped with a large loading belt, where the production waste (reels, sheets and purge blocks) can be loaded from the forklift. The grinder cuts the plastic with a 20 mm diameter grid.

Control cameras, pushed automation and integrated with other customer production machines, remote assistance system and 24 month warranty, allowed our company to win the order. The same customer has now asked us to extend the supply to other factories of the group.



COMBI 8080S-GR700 for plastic boxes

COMBI 8080S-GR700 fitted with automatic bins tipping system, suction plant with dust removal system and automatic filters cleaning just installed in Chile at WENCO Company.

The client uses this plant to shred and recover plastic material coming from its manufacturing wastes.

By pressing a simple button the PLC is able to perform loading, crushing, grinding, dust removing and packaging inside big bag of the shred material.

The equipment controls automatically all the phases of the shredding process.

The system is connected to ISVE by Internet to continuously monitor the operation and previously signal any anomaly.

The warranty of this plant as well as all ISVE range of products is 24 months guaranteeing the high reliability of our plants.



MR40140 Wood recycling line – Spain

The wood waste recycling line has been in operation for several months for one of the most important packaging producers in Spain.

The system consists of a heavy “pit” loading belt, a magnetic safety plate to limit the accidental entry of thick metal elements, a monaober MR40140 grinder with increased drawer travel, a ferrous metal separation system with very high efficiency (100% separation) and a final screening system.

The plant, with 24 months warranty, is able to produce ground wood for a production of 1-1.5 t / h. The line works 10 consecutive hours a day for 6 days a week.



COMBI 120100S-C40100 – at 3M United States

A new combined system has been installed for the multinational 3M in the United States.

The plant consists of an automatic container tipping system, a 4-shaft heavy-duty shredder (120100S) and a Cumberland C40100 granulator with three rotating blades 1,000 mm long.

This plant is able to process some processing waste in fiber, reducing it to small dimensions, with a considerable saving of space and energy, compared to traditional grinding systems.


Technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence are the keys to ISVE's significant growth on international markets. Our commitment and that of the whole team of our collaborators has always been offering reliable and customized solutions to the market. Technologies characterized by being able to combine very high efficiency levels with a concrete environmental sensitivity.

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