News - 09 May 2023

The equipment supplied to the fire-retarding and preservative impregnation plant built by ISVE for a major Swedish customer included a salt mixer.

This system is equipped with various automations for dosing products during both loading and unloading, and can also be interfaced with other machinery, such as conveyor belts and screw conveyors.

This silo designed by ISVE consists of:
  • a 3 cubic metre AISI 304 chamber to receive the salts to be mixed;
  • an horizontal mixing reel
  • an unloading screw;
  • a screw conveyor to transfer salts into the respective mixing tank.

However, this mixing system is also used in other industrial sectors, from chemicals to plastics, but also pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, with the appropriate modifications and certifications.

Miscelatore sali

Find out more about our impregnation equipment at the following link: vacuum-pressure-impregnation-plants-for-wood




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