News - 21 Jan 2020

Tasiast is located 300 km north of Nouakchott (Mauritania), where ISVE is also there for work right now. In September 2019, a model MR40-140IT shredder was installed to grind different materials such as pallets, wood, plastic, PET, furniture, etc.

The Tasiast gold mine, located in the open air in Mauritania, is managed and owned by Kinross Gold. The mine is located 300 km north of the capital Nouakchott, in a valley called Khatt Atui, and began production in 2008.
Kinross Goldmine is a really large area and in the base camp there are two areas for the kitchen: one is the Senior Mess and the other Junior Mess. Bighanna T240 is working on both of our units.

The challenge is now to ensure the availability of the wood chips in the correct shape to be able to use them in the composting process, thus adding the right amount of carbon. The machine is located on the established site and has already been set up in the recycling area of ​​Kinross Goldmine. Initially, the shredded material will be chipped from the pallets, but later on various plastics and PET bottles will also be shredded.
There is also an included belt system, useful for transporting wooden materials separated from metal parts such as nails, screws and more. For Kinross it is an optimal solution since, in this way, hundreds of pallets can be recycled using the material exiting in the composting process. In a second phase other different materials will be treated with this unit.

Our most sincere thanks to the Kinross team, who made it possible to carry out the assembly, test execution, start-up, training and explanations after the sale in just three days. Goldmine is in fact a very hot place where temperatures over 45 ° are considered common.

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PDF: ISVE shredder installed at Kinross


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