News - 08 Feb 2016

COMBI 8080S-GR700 fitted with automatic bins tipping system, suction plant with dust removal system and automatic filters cleaning just installed in Chile at WENCO Company.

The client uses this plant to shred and recover plastic material coming from its manufacturing wastes.

By pressing a simple button the PLC is able to perform loading, crushing, grinding, dust removing and packaging inside big bag of the shred material.

The equipment controls automatically all the phases of the shredding process.

The system is connected to ISVE by Internet to continuously monitor the operation and previously signal any anomaly.

The warranty of this plant as well as all ISVE range of products is 24 months guaranteeing the high reliability of our plants.



Technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence are the keys to ISVE's significant growth on international markets. Our commitment and that of the whole team of our collaborators has always been offering reliable and customized solutions to the market. Technologies characterized by being able to combine very high efficiency levels with a concrete environmental sensitivity.

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