Vacuum dry kilns for lumber

ISVE Continuous vacuum dry kilns

To supply vacuum dryers for wood able to dry quickly and without defects is the objective ISVE has been pursuing for the past 30 years focusing on the search for machines that exploit the use of vacuum technology. A commitment that has enabled the company in Brescia to develop plants for the drying of higher quality wood, which ensures a faster drying process, reduction of operating costs, and the significant reduction in the storage volume of material being dried. To meet the diverse needs of its customers, ISVE offers different models of dryers:


With the ESC-ES series vacuum dryers, which use hot plates controlled by PLC, it is possible to perform the wood drying ensuring a high standard of quality. The series includes both minidryers and dryers that open vertically and even dryers for large joineries and wood traders.

ESCESES Junior - ES2


The ISVE EMV series wood dryers are particularly suitable for drying of wood boards in the most varied species. These drying plants are called "continuous/discontinuous vacuum" because the vacuum phase can be interrupted by cycles of warm moist air that allow rapid heating and drying of wood. The simple design, few moving parts, the abundant use of stainless materials and the automatic process also make the use of these dryers possible with low operating costs and high quality standards.