Vacuum dry kilns EMV: introduction

EMV dryers: To dry quickly and without defects

The modern technology applied in the wood workshops has resulted in the optimisation of the use and machining times of the raw materials.
However to try and save 0.5 mm on the thickness of a plank or 1 m. a second in the speed of a machine tool without paying the same attention to the "non quality" of the drying operation, can cause losses in yield of between 5 to 10% on the aforementioned machines.
The drier must therefore be considered as a machine which is part of production, guaranteeing a real saving on the raw material and on the quality of the finished product.

To dry quickly and without defects is the objective we at ISVE have been pursuing in over 20 years of research into the application of vacuum systems.
The results we have achieved are of two kinds:

1. quantitative:
- increase of speed in the drying process compared with traditional systems;
- operating costs reduction;
- reduction of storage volumes of material being dried;

2. qualitative:
- maximum homogeneity of final humidity;
- maximum reduction of cracking and warping defects;
- maintaining of the natural characteristics of the wood (colour, knots, etc.);
- elimination of xylophagans and other parasites.
To invest in the quality of a drying plant means to invest in the quality of one’s wood.



One of the first dry kiln models with discontinuous vacuum produced by ISVE srl