Vacutronic System

The drying process computerized, controlled by "Vacutronic System"

The "heart" of ISVE driers which gives a 98% guarantee on the perfect success of the drying process.

All our driers, from the smallest to the largest are equipped with a computer capable of controlling, second by second, the complete drying process.
ISVE has consequently developed exclusive software that, on the basis of the type of wood, thickness, initial and final humidity regulates all the drying phases.

In order to meet the requirements of the user, the microprocessor has three possible managing systems:

  • completely automatic;
  • semi-automatic;
  • manual.

During the drying cycle and thanks to this system, the following parameters are constantly controlled:

  • humidity of material being dried (it is possible to control up to six probes);
  • humidity in the air and temperatures during the pre-heating phases, intermediate heating and during the final equilibrium moisture content phase;
  • the level of operating vacuum.

Variations in parameters can be viewed by connecting the Vacutronic Computer of the drier to any PC using Windows® as an operating system.
This system, besides remote controlling the drying system (which can be done by using a simple office computer), can be used to store all the process phases.
Having an ISVE drying plant means having a tailored technical operating process: on examining the data stored the drying software can easily be modified to suit the requirements of the customers.