Spray-Matic functioning

ISVE spraying machines: operating principle

From the structural point of view the machine is made of a strong steel frame with the possibility of adjusting the height, so as to be able to regulate it to the level of any other machine tool. The walls and bottoms of the treatment chamber are stainless steel, as are all the parts which come into contact with the impregnating product. All the Spray Matics are equipped with a main circuit for atomising the protective solution and an auxiliary circuit for cleaning the machine. The nozzles can be adjusted and they are equipped with individual closing in order to be able to choose the surface to be treated.









Operating Principle:

The profile is placed in the atomiser chamber and sprayed with the impregnating solution. The pieces are moved forward by driven rollers at a speed which varies from between 10 to 48 metres/minute. 
In the second part of the plant, just before the exit, the profile passes through 4 series of horizontally and vertically positioned rotating brushes, which give an even finish to the treated surfaces. The sets of brushes are assembled on carriages with a screw handwheel for adjusting the position. The primer which does not remain on the items is re-cycled and used again after being filtered thus avoiding any waste. The treatment chamber has been designed to allow easy access to all the Spray-Matic operating systems.


Particolare delle spazzole

Particolare ugelli di nebulizzazione

The sizes of the items which can be inserted into the machine vary from 20x10 to 200x200 mm for the 200/200 and from 20x10 to 300x300 for the 300/300, with a minimum length for both of 1000 mm (optional 300 mm)

- 1 feed motor 
- 4 driving motors
- 1 spray pump motor