ISVE, a leader in wood treatment in Italy and abroad, is the first to have used vacuum technology as an element of innovation to support the processing of wood. For over 30 years, armed with a business philosophy based on innovation ISVE designs and manufactures vacuum drying kilns, impregnation plants, handling systems, vaporizers, sprayers and systems for heat treatment, also adding the production of shredders and grinders for wood and industrial waste. ISVE design and build shredders and plants as one-shaft grinders, two- or four-shafts, combi-systems and granulators  to treat every type of wood residual, but also plastics, metals, leather, bumpers...

Lumber treatment

Vacuum drying kilns Heat treatment Impregnators Spraying Machines Shredders & grinders Vaporizers Handling Systems Hygrometers

Recycling: shredding equipment