Model ES JUNIOR and ES 2 driers (ES JUNIOR 4/5, ES 2)

ES Junior - ES 2

Vacuum mini-drier model ES JUNIOR ed ES 2 used by small craftsmen

The ES Junior series of continuous vacuum driers are the ISVE mini-driers traditionally used by small craftsmen.
They enclose all the technology and experience developed over twenty years of research into the application of the vacuum process in the treatment of wood.

The machine, operating at low temperatures, allows the timber to lose its water content without subjecting it to thermal changes which can cause cracking and warping.
The evaporated water which remains in suspension in the container keeps the drying material surface continuously humidified, avoiding in this way the formation of small cracks which, in other drying systems is quite frequent.
The humidity level which is necessary between environment and material is constantly maintained by a condenser which precipitates the steam in suspension.
The conditioning of the drying chamber is kept constant and programmed in advance using probes connected to the heating and condensing circuits and to the timber. This conditioning of the environment sets the transmigration process of the water through the cellular walls of the timber in motion. Passing from their inside walls towards the surfaces, from which the water is continuously evaporated until the desired drying conditions are reached.
The condensate which deposits at the bottom of the dry kiln, is periodically expelled in order to maintain the environmental conditions constant.

In this way the following advantages are had:

  • QUICKNESS OF DRYING: owing to process without air and at low temperatures which enables hourly decreases in humidity never before reached by any other system.
  • PERFECT RESULTS due to: no cracks and no warping; no colour changes; no internal tension; unchanged strength of the dried material.
  • POSSIBILITY OF DRYING: very thick material and with a very high humidity level; such as planks and wood of all kinds, semi-finished items.
  • LOW OPERATING COSTS thanks to: low thermal loss; a rational use of thermal and electric energy; no need of manual operations.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS deriving from: simple and rational construction; simple automatic devices; anticorrosive material.

ES junior - ES2: main characteristics

  • Autoclave:
    - steel coated with epoxy products for the treatment of wood without tannin.
    - AISI 304 stainless steel for drying wood containing corrosive agents (oak, chestnut, etc.)
  • Insulating covering
  • Carriage opening.
  • Electric control panel with microprocessor for automatic running and stopping of drier.
  • Humidity control probes of a sample unit.
  • Automatic discharge of condensate.
  • Aluminium electric heating plates.
  • Plate holder stand.
  • Oil lubricated vacuum pump.

ES Junior Accessories on request:

  • Air-bag pressing system
  • Disinfecting System against xylophagan using insecticide tablets.

To start up the machine all that is required is an electric socket and discharge well for the condensate.

Diagram and technical data ES Junior - ES 2