ISVE ES and ESC continuous vacuum series of dryers for semi-finished products

Heat diffusion system of ISVE ES and ESC drier series

Continuous vacuum dry kilns for the drying of semi-finished products

The ISVE ES and ESC series of driers are particularly suitable for drying semi-finished products using various types of wood.
In order to achieve optimal results the wood must be heated gradually and homogeneously.
This result using models ES and ESC is achieved thanks to a series of aluminium plates which spread the heat produced by the electric resistors or the hot water which flows inside the special coils.
The rational use of the thermal energy produced does not penalise the use of a precious energy source such as electricity but it enhances it thanks to the drying process being completely computerised (however, the possibility always remains of connecting up to a hot water supply source if available).

The reduced size compared with the productivity of these units produces noticeable saving in terms of space and easy housing on the company premises without the need for any special brickwork or connections.

The quality materials used in the construction of the autoclave, such as stainless steel and aluminium, guarantee long resistance against corrosion, whereas the choice of components from leading Italian and foreign companies means they are able to attain a high level of reliability.
These characteristics, common to all ISVE driers (ES Junior, ESC, ES), result in very high quality drying, short working times with reduced operating costs.