IMP-VP impregnator series: introduction

Impregnatore IMP-VP presso la ditta "Il Ceppo"

Wood impregnation treatment in autoclaves using the vacuum under pressure system

People love and appreciate living and working in environments with wood finishing and panelling, they value its warmth and the unique incomparable natural beauty no other material of mineral or synthetic origin has.These qualities are however penalised by a single factor: durability. As atmospheric and biological agents such as mushrooms, insects and bacteria attack wood more or less rapidly, the preference has fallen on selecting and using "naturally" resistant wood. The continual demand for these species has considerably reduced its availability and increased the price. This has led to the need to use less long lasting but much more inexpensive wood, but however applying effective treatment to increase its natural resistance.


IMP-VP plant installed at the company "Il Ceppo"









Right from the beginning of the last century the first applications of preservative products were attempted using autoclaves and the results were very encouraging. Since then a lot of progress has been made both in the construction of autoclaves for treatment purposes and in the production of products suitable for the purpose. At the beginning wood was protected using creosote or CCA salts (Copper Chrome arsenate) which although very effective were very damaging for the environment.

At present, with the development and research carried out in modern chemistry, new salts are available on the market, which give excellent protection to the wood with a very low impact on the environment. An idea of the spread of these treatments can be got from the consumption of salts which over the last ten years have increased tenfold.
The reasons for this growth are numerous and stem from four main sources:

  1. the reduced offer and the high cost of "naturally" more resistant wood;
  2. the continuous increase in the demand for wood in construction, agriculture for stables and horse boxes etc.;
  3. the regulations which ever increasingly require the use of treated wood (packing, urban furniture, etc.);
  4. new uses in the field of outdoor furniture in housing in substitution of plastic.

The I.S.V.E. Srl plants offer the customer the possibility of exploiting this continually growing market, providing quality tested, designed and built plants which guarantee the treated wood a very long life.