Examples and conclusions

ISVE IMP-PG plants: examples

Versatility and efficiency of ISVE impregnation plants make them suitable to very different protective treatments of wood semifinished and products as:

- treatment and coating of doors, windows, storm windows, shutters etc... 
- treatment and coating of articles for use outdoors 
- treatment of matchboard
- treatment of models
- coating wooden toys 
- wooden items and accessories
- turned items
- in substitution for dip coating 
- antique furniture, treatment and prevention
- treatment of daises








The purchase of an IMP-PG plant allows small to medium sized carpentry companies to face and brilliantly resolve the problem of treating and coating with solvents and water. As an example, using model IMP-PG 2400/4500 40 windows a day made up of wings plus the frame (either assembled or disassembled) can be treated.


The complete cycle is as follows:

- application of a first coat of clear or coloured impregnant. 
- application of a second primer/finish coat. 

The plant is equipped to use mono-component impregnants or paint as long as they are sufficiently fluid. The maximum viscosity for correct operating must not exceed 25-30", measured using a 4mm diameter COPA FORD. When using water based impregnants or paint we suggest version A.C (anti-corrosion) where the internal surfaces of the autoclave have been treated with epoxy paint and mechanical parts and conduits are rust proof.