EMV driers with continuous/discontinuous vacuum for boards

Heat diffusion system of ISVE EMV drier series

EMV dryers: The reduced sizes of driers compared with the productivity

The ISVE EMV driers are particularly suitable for drying boards using various types of wood.
They are called "dry kilns with continuous/discontinuous vacuum" because the vacuum phase can be interrupted by hot and humid air cycles allowing quick heating of the wood.
In order to achieve optimal results the wood must be heated gradually and homogeneously.
In our EMV, the pile is made of listeled boards which are placed on the carriage of the autoclave. The drying cycle starts when you close the machine and set all parameters on the computer (Vacutronic).

EMV systems: how they work

In a first phase, hot water with a high content of humidity circulates in the autoclave.
At the beginning of the cycle, it is very important to increase the wood temperature gradually avoiding the beginning of drying of the board upper part. The humidity high value which is electronically controlled by probes, hinders some dangerous strains along the wood from taking place.
Once the temperature value of the pile has reached the required level, the vacuum pump eject air from the autoclave. When you reach the fixed vacuum value, the accumulated heating makes water evaporate from boards causing the drying.
These phases often take place during the process, mixing hot and humid air with vacuum which is an essential factor for a quick and good drying.

Why choose a dryer EMV

The reduced sizes compared with the productivity of these units produce noticeable saving in terms of space and easy housing on the company premises without the need for any special brickwork or connections. The quality materials used in the construction of the autoclave, such as stainless steel and aluminium, guarantee long resistance against corrosion, whereas the choice of components from leading Italian and foreign companies means they are able to attain a high level of reliability.

These characteristics, common to all ISVE driers, result in very high quality drying, short working times with reduced operating costs.


This model encapsulates all the experience of l.S.V.E. acquired in the production of continual vacuum drying kiln production with heating plates and a discontinuous vacuum without heating plates.
These kilns combine simple loading and unloading using a fork-lift truck and uniform wood heating as takes place in drying kilns with heated plates.
A device connected to suitable probes permits the reading and programming of the temperature and humidity of the internal chamber, the humidity of the wood drying and the temperature of the condensers by adopting the drying process to the characteristics of the material with automated management.
The simple construction, the low number of moving parts, the abundance of rust-proof materials and the process automation permit the use of unskilled personnel in the drying of the wood.
The monolithic nature of the plant and the simplicity of the connections - cold water, waste water discharge - do not condition the lay-out to the detriment of production requirements.

Loading carriage with pile of boards ready to be charged in the autoclave