Electric vaporizers

ISVE electric vaporizers

ISVE electric vaporizers allow the plasticization of semifinished products, treatment that prepares wood to the following deformation or bending according to different requirements. Wood vaporizers have electric power and are made of a double autoclave for a bigger versatility.







Electrical vaporizers ISVE: features

The complete vaporization equipment is composed by 2 autoclaves made in stainless steel AISI 304 with diameter of 400mm with a welded bottom, cover provided with hinge opening, closing with screw hand-wheel. The insulating layer is realized with insulated material with a thickness of 50mm covered by pre-painted steel. The support framework is composed by a steel section bar painted with priming coat and paint.







Isve vaporization equipments are the result of years of research and development that allowed the fine tuning of vaporization systems with superior quality standards, that guarantee an optimal plasticity of wood , necessary for the following process of flexing and its stabilization in the semi-finished. During the treatment with ISVE electrical vaporizers  the pieces moisten externally up to 20%. These installations, however, allow condensation to remain in the cylinder. An important advantage! 

Data confirm that: In presence of condensation pieces moisten more - up to 40% - ensuring a faster and better plasticity of wood.