Digital higrometers for timber

Digital hygrometers for wood can measure and control the humidity inside the wood, taking into account numerous variables such as ambient temperature, temperature of the wood, etc. The moisture meters available from ISVE are portable, characterized by high precision and designed specifically for different types of wood.


  • Field of measure: 5-60%.
  • Quartz cristal display.
  • Wood kind selector: 4 groups.
  • Temperature selector: 0-110°C.
  • Feeding: 9V battery.
  • "Test" lever for battery charge control.
  • Weight: 2,6 Kg.


  • Anti-crash polystyrene case, blue-coloured, sizes: mm. 320x266x78.
  • Digital moisture meter.
  • Chromium-plated steel hammer provided with Derling electrodes-holder head and plug.
  • Connection cable, 1.5 mt. long, provided with plugs.
  • Set of tempered-steel rivets.
  • Spanner of 12 mm