The Company


To dry, vaporize, impregnate and handle wood using a vacuum system. To shred industrial and urban waste.

A wide and complete range of machines adopting the vacuum technology to dry, vaporize, impregnate and handle wood.
Besides designing and producing machinery for preliminary treatment of lumber, ISVE makes plants to shred, compact and, where possible, to recycle industrial and urban waste.

The ISVE objectives, from the very start in 1977, which have always remained constant are respect for the Environment and Quality, quality in design and structure which have gained worldwide appreciation and are requested both by small users and large companies.

The proposal of a wide and complete range of plants is able to satisfy any need both as regards production and in terms of investment.
I.S.V.E. plants are now to be found throughout all European and in many non European countries.

Impregnation Plants
Impregnation Plants
Vacuum dry kilns